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Repair Service

8AM Costumes offers fursuit and costume repair. The cost is calculated on a case by case basis and can be estimated by contacting me. At minimum expect to pay shipping to the studio and back home. Repair is done at an hourly rate ($35.00/hr) PLUS material costs, if any are needed.

Repairs encompass a lot of things, such as patching holes, deep cleaning a costume, replacing small patches of worn/yellowed fur, repainting eyes, and so on. I will also provide small repairs at cons if I am present. 


Kitty Up Fursuits is well known for refurbishment services. Like repairs, this cost is estimated on a case by case basis and the extent of the repairs and replacement of things as deemed necessary. Costumes and/or parts sent for refurbishment will always receive a deep clean before work is started.

Refubishments can be many things, but usually involves replacing a majority of fur and/or altering foamwork of the suit. We can do refurbishments on resin heads, but have the most experience with foam heads. Just contact me, provide a character reference, picture(s) of the fursuit, and what you have in mind for refurbishment and I will come back with an estimate as soon as possible. A full refurbishment will cost roughly the same price as a new head for a ballpark estimate.

Refurbishments should be left only to aged fursuits, unwearable/dangerous to wear suits, or suits that cannot be repaired.

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