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Fursuit heads start at $2,000.00 USD


By default, all heads are built with sturdy foam base construction, 3d printed teeth, plush mouth and nose, static or following eyes with dyesub mesh, and a static jaw. The interior is fully lined for comfort and ventilation. 


Despite this, heads can have a lot of diversity, such as:

Being outsourced to a resin/3d printed base

Velcro eyelids to change expression

Velcro tongues

Exchangeable eyes
Muzzle fan

LEDs in eyes or elsewhere

Resin teeth and/or nose

Silicone nose and/or tongue

. . . and more!

Light partial fursuits start at $3,000.00 USD


Light partial fursuits come with a head, hand paws, arm sleeves, and a belt loop tail. Backpack wings can be added for a fee. A small discount can be gained by removing armsleeves.

Like heads, partials can have changes too such as:

Plush or resin claws added to the paws

Your choice in handpaw pattern, or a custom pattern

Minky, vinyl, or silicone pawpads

Fully lined paws or finger pillows only

. . . and more!

Full Partials start at $3,500.00 USD


Like a light partial, full partials come with a head, hand paws, tail, and arm sleeves, but also come with feetpaws. They feature the same customization options as well, but also gain the addition of being able to add leg sleeves, or upgrade to a 3/4ths fursuit for an extra cost.

Feetpaws have a few soling options available. They can have magnetic bottoms to allow swapping of soles.


-Outdoor soling options:

Solid rubber bottoms (good for traction)

High density foam mat bottoms (good for dancing)

-Indoor soling options:

Minky, vinyl, or other fabric pawpads

Silicone pawpads (good for traction)

Plantigrade Fullsuits start at $5,000.00 USD


Plantigrade fullsuits come with a head, hand paws, feet paws, a plantigrade style bodysuit, and a tail.

The zipper is located on the front unless otherwise requested and is lined to make it easier to keep fur out of the seam. 

Pockets can be added to the inside of the bodysuit to allow the carrying of phones, keys, and wallets if desired.

Zip on tails and feet can be done for a small premium to achieve a seamless look without sacrificing convenience of washing.

Padded Fullsuits start at $6,500.00 USD


Padded fullsuits come with a head, hand paws, feet paws, a digitigrade or other padded style bodysuit, and a tail.

These have the same base features and add ons as plantigrade bodysuits. 

The padding can be digitigrade legs, for an animal leg look (most common) to padding in other areas to change the wearers shape, such as the belly and chest.