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We offer parts on a case by case basis. You are welcome to submit a quote for them but they may not always be accepted as availability varies. Past clients are welcome to request part only commissions though.
This page is moreso for reference than anything else.

Custom handpaws start at $350.00 USD


All of our handpaws are super light, super soft, and super squishy! They are fully lined with a cotton fabric inside, machine washable, and for stuffed paws, light fluffy polyfil padding that gives an extra cute look. Pawpads are made from luxurious soft minky but can be fleece, vinyl, and other materials.

We utilize the Freakhound Studios, Norman Patches n' Furs and Kloofsuits handpaw patterns, but can do custom shapes or obtain new patterns as requested.

Paws can have padding inserts if lined paws are not wanted.

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Custom feetpaws start at $400.00 USD
Feetpaws by default come with a thick sole, fully lined, and use your own shoe style. There is a zipper located in the back to allow for easy shoe insertion or removal for cleaning. If made with indoor style bottoms, the pawpads are super soft minky but can be fleece, vinyl, and other materials.

We use the Matrices footpaw pattern for plantigrade paw needs.

By default all orders with indoor soles have magnetic soles for the option of indoor or outdoor paws.


Custom Bodysuits start at $900.00 USD
All our bodysuits are completely unlined with a hemmed neck and reinforced slit that the belt for the tail will go through while wearing. The zipper is lined with a quality cotton and use a sturdy sports zipper.

For padded suits, the padding is in the form of padding pillows made from quilted broadcloth and stuffed with polyfil. Snaps hold the padding in place in key areas.

Digitigrade bodies/special leg padded bodies come with feet and start at $1,500.

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Tails come in many forms and therefore lack a base price. By default all tails are polyfil stuffed and worn via belt loops. Tails can be held up, floor dragging, foam core, and all sorts of options. Just ask and I can probably do it!

For a premium, tails can be made zip on when commissioned along with a bodysuit for a seamless look.

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Backpack wings start at $400.00 USD
Backpack wings are to be worn with partial fursuits under a shirt. It consists of a foam plate with magnets embedded in it. The plate is covered with a soft fabric for comfort, and is worn backpack style with adjustable nylon straps. The wings also contain magnets, allowing the wings to be placed on the outside of the shirt without having to cut holes in it.

If you'd prefer wings directly mounted to the straps, this can also be done and grant you a small discount.

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